Richlands Subdivision


Property Developer


Richlands QLD


16 weeks

Civil works subdivision for a repeat private property developer

Check out our drone video (below) for a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the Richlands Subdivision in action.

Our repeat client engaged Evolve to conduct a subdivision over 11300m2 for a commercial mixed-use precinct. The property was divided into 4 lots and civil works included services connections.

The project was complicated by a number of factors:

  • The site is located on the intersection of two main roads
  • Trunk services were located between the project site and one of the main roads
  • Services had to be run further than normal as connection to existing services for the site were a long way away

This meant that Evolve had to identify and relocate existing trunk services adjacent to the project site in order to execute our services connection works. There were also vehicle movement and site access constraints due to being adjacent to busy main roads.

During the subdivision, the client also commissioned Evolve to complete a childcare centre, Greenleaves, on one of the lots spanning 2500m2. Construction of this facility included the new structure, play areas, carpark and warm shell fitout.