Koala Head Office




Alexandria NSW


14 weeks

Construction of 400m2 mezzanine extension in a mixed use commercial space for Koala HQ.

The original project for this Australian mattress brand was to extend Koala’s existing office space within their warehouse. Evolve constructed a 400m2 mezzanine extension to allow for five new meeting rooms and new toilet facilities.

Halfway through the project, Koala gained occupancy of the neighbouring tenancy, increasing the project area to 1200m2. This unexpected stage added an extra meeting room, DDA restroom facilities, architecturally designed break out space and perforated mesh enclosed stair case featuring LED strip lighting.

With the introduction of a completely new seven week project five weeks out from completion, the Evolve team had to put on their problem solving hats in order to meet the unmoved completion date.

The many challenges required the team, among other solutions, to brainstorm with the structural engineer in order to speed up the pace of construction and reduce the amount of structural material required. This successful project is a testament to Evolve’s experience and whatever it takes attitude.