Mount Pleasant Shopping Centre

Amenities Upgrade

Vicinity Centres


Mackay QLD


8 weeks

Family friendly shopping centre amenities upgrade and expansion for parents room addition.

Evolve specialise in delivering projects on time and on budget, often problem solving through tight time frames and engineering challenges to meet targets and produce a high standard of service and product. Our expertise also lies in working in live environments such as CBD towers and shopping centres. All of the above were achieved for this project. Vicinity Centres required a full upgrade of Mount Pleasant’s main food court amenities to also include a new parents room extension. As it is a very family oriented area, the addition of a parents room was a pivotal element for the Shopping Centre. Thus the baby changing facilities, breastfeeding booths and interactive walls all work as a point of difference. Stand out elements also included feature wash planes with feature LED lighting and concealed Dyson airblades. With a fixed program and already tight timeframe, the Evolve team negotiated some tricky challenges. Three major delays/challenges overcome were:

  • Limited access – the site compound was located in the carpark on a suspended slab with limited weight capabilities. This meant that numerous deliveries with heavy construction loads, eg tile supply from Melbourne, proved to be an issue. Evolve resolved this by securing a nearby storage yard and a local contractor to move materials in smaller quantities to the site compound. Daily deliveries worked well, with the job site being pre-loaded each morning ready for the shift ahead.
  • Uninsulated airconditioning pipework – this was discovered during demolition phase, condensating within the ceiling space. A specialist contractor was engaged to install insulation which impacted the ability to close up the ceiling space to schedule. Evolve analysed the perimeter detail of the wall and ceiling junction, agreeing with the architect to make slight changes in order to ensure works could progress whilst the contractor undertook this work. In combination with day and nightshift work the forecasted end date was not impacted.
  • Hand dryer variation – Mid project, the client signed off on the installation of Dyson hand dryers throughout the project which was part of a nationwide roll out separate to this individual project. This involved re-assessment of the overhead joinery cupboards to fit the dryers inside, new mirror decals and additional electrical loading on power supplies. The key to resolving this efficiently: an Evolve instigated web based conference call with architects, consultants and trades. Changes were communicated for speedy resolution that was able to be absorbed within the original program.