Scenic Cycle


Scenic Cycle


Sydney NSW


8 weeks

State of the art virtual cycling facility in the heart of the CBD.

Evolve transformed a cold shell retail area into a state-of-the-art virtual cycling and health facility. Through a D&C method and emphasis on cost effective solutions, an outstanding outcome was delivered to suit the client’s financial and operational needs. Evolve applied a sensible approach and focus on delivering an adaptable space alongside key deliverables.

The existing AC units and ductwork were repurposed to suit the new layout. Evolve also created an adapt and re-use solution for adding shower facilities by converting existing bathroom stalls into showers using pre-manufactured shower trays and wall linings.

AV was a significant element of the works and care was taken to ensure the main studio was not exposed to sound breaching through soundproofing and specialist sound systems.

The end result was a purpose built facility at a fraction of the cost.