Musica Viva Australia


MVA / Colliers


Zetland NSW


26 weeks



2500m2, four storey freestanding, complete base building refurbishment and fitout with acoustically treated recording studio plus structural reinforcements.

This extensive project includes the following scope of works: 

  • Complete base building refurbishment and fitout with full mechanical and electrical upgrades, including incoming mains from the street
  • Restoration of roof membrane
  • High performance, acoustically treated recording and performance studio to comply with stringent DA noise conditions
  • Structural elements installed to support weight of studio
  • Amenities upgrade to all levels
  • External modifications to landscaping, access and concrete works
  • DDA building upgrade.

Evolve problem solved and handled many pressure points. This included meeting the client’s end date with significantly reduced build time due to stringent DA conditions for public domain permissions while also accomplishing complex build requirements. 

One such solution was to implement temporary measures, allowing the recording studio build to commence, while waiting for structural steel production. Another was creating a safety design plan that allowed for installation of the roof membrane and waterproofing without using scaffolding, resulting in less impact on neighbouring properties.

Proactive cost saving initiatives across the project achieved maximum value for minimum cost for our non-profit client. For example, re-sealing the roof membrane without demolishing the existing membrane.

Check out the timelapse video below for a sneak peak behind the scenes.