Goodman's Building

heritage restoration

Linked Project Management


Annandale, NSW


20 weeks

The Goodman’s Building was restored by Evolve in partnership with Linked Project Management as a part of our commitment to preserving the past and enhancing its future.

Built in 1890, the heritage-listed Goodman’s Building is a two-storey rendered brick commercial and residential building with Victorian Filigree details, a high parapet, and a commanding façade that curves around the bustling Parramatta Road.

One of the unique aspects of this project was replacing all the structural hardwood timber supports. To meet the requirements, the Hardwood could not be kiln-dried, only naturally seasoned. Therefore, sourcing this timber proved challenging as the team sought a solution, having the structural timbers brought down from remote Queensland.


The extensive restoration works carried out by Evolve included:

  • Structural propping of the entire façade of the building
  • Removal of all cast iron support posts and balustrades
  • Sandblast and repaint all cast iron posts and balustrades
  • Jack up the entire balcony structure approximately 300mm to level
  • Replacement of the buildings roofing, flashing, and guttering
  • Replacement of all decking to the balconies
  • Replacement of all the heritage decorative glass screens
  • Refurbished and installation of the cast iron columns and balustrades
  • Painting of the entire building to match the requirements of the heritage report