109 Edward Street


Fife Capital


Brisbane QLD



109 Edward Street or the “Metro Arts” as it was formerly known, is a unique heritage-listed, 6 storey warehouse in the Brisbane CBD.

Evolve was engaged to restore and construct its biggest makeover in 131 years, with a focus on enhancing the original heritage character for mixed use tenancies.

The most technically challenging part of the project saw us re-level the entire building and took many months of planning and engineering. Working closely with Shore Hire, we jacked the entire building north and raised the floor levels by up to 100mm, while ensuring complete structural and aesthetic integrity.

Talented heritage tradesmen were then engaged to enhance the original building features and integrate new services. A complete upgrade of building services including new roof and external fire stairs, and the careful restoration of heritage doors and windows returns this Brisbane icon to one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Stunning features have been reinstated by stripping back 100 years of layers to reveal original brickwork, timber flooring and beams, and carefully restoring archways on each level that had been bricked up over the years.